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The Amazing Story of Fred Newton and RelaxoBak

Fred Newton Guinness Book RecordOn July 6, 1930, Fred Newton dove into the Mississippi River at Ford Dam in Minnesota. Five months and 1,826 miles later he crawled out of the water in New Orleans, Louisiana, completing what stood for 70 years in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest swim in history and a shining testament to the human will.

Strange as it may seem, this amazing feat was not what Fred Newton was proudest of.

In 1953 Fred, now a traveling insurance salesman, had been suffering for a lifetime with sitting back and tailbone pain that was only made worse by driving for hours around the dusty roads of his hometown of Gainesville, Texas.

Fred Newton, Inventor of RelaxobakNot being the type of guy to passively accept his discomfort, Fred began experimenting with different ideas to resolve his problem. Finally after 10 years of searching, Fred perfected and patented the seating device that would revolutionize the comfort seating business. Eager to pass his discovery on to others, he founded RelaxoBak, Inc. in 1963 and began impressing the medical community with his remarkable invention.

Newton is gone now but RelaxoBak, Inc. is still family-owned and continues on as the recognized leader in effective, pain relieving seating products with over 3,200 Chiropractic Clinics and Hospitals prescribing them worldwide. As a long-time member of the Better Business Bureau, RelaxoBak, Inc. has been granted registration with the FDA as a Medical Device Manufacturer.

When you decide to purchase a RelaxoBak Comfort Seating Product you can be assured that you are getting the most effective product on the market to help eliminate your sitting discomfort.

And in the spirit of Fred Newton, we guarantee it!