Clinical Results

Dr. Robert Orr conducted an extensive clinical trial over a period of 4 months on over 300 participants. The participants were selected to represent a wide range of ages, body weights, occupations and complaint histories, such as lower back pain, tailbone pain, sciatica and spinal curvatures (lordosis).

Control groups were then established for all participants. The participants used the Original RelaxoBak Comfort Seat full and part-time for 4 months while the control group would not.

Dramatic Clinical Results

  1. The products were consistently effective regardless of the individual’s weight, size and age.
  2. Relief from postural strain and muscular tension was evident in each and every person who used the RelaxoBak product.
  3. Comparative x-rays revealed a general decrease in spinal curvatures (lordosis).
  4. Release from daily terminal fatigue and more sound and restful sleep were voiced by many of the users.
  5. The segmental integrity of the spinal column was maintained.

In conclusion, Dr. Orr said, “We firmly believe that with proper application and continued use, the RelaxoBak meets all of your claims.”

All RelaxoBak Cushion & Seat Products are based on the same patented scientific principles, proven with clinical results.

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