Back Pain Relief for Gamers and Office Workers


In January of 2016, I first experienced lower back pain while sitting. I’ve sat for many hours at a time before while gaming but it was not until I started to work full time at an office that I experienced lower back pain that I could not ignore. The pain was excruciating and led me to stand up more often and walk around the office just to relieve it. I am an avid computer gamer and did not have this problem at home so I decided to figure out what was different about my computer setup at home compared to the one I had at work. I quickly began to realize that there was not much of a difference between my work and home setup. I realized that at home I frequently stood up like I did at work and walked around. I just had not noticed it before because I used excuses like getting up to get water. I tried sitting and not getting up for the same period of time that I would at the office and I noticed that I experienced back pain at home as well.

So I went to seek an answer to my back pain problems. At first I tried stretching and getting up more often but that did not seem to work very well for me. I then remembered that I had been told a long time ago that I had a slight curvature in my spine and I thought that was the problem. I visited a chiropractor and I determined that I indeed had a slight curve in my spine. However, when I asked about relieving my back pain the chiropractor told me that I would still have pain while sitting but that the curve was just making it a little worse and that chiropractic treatment would not relieve pain while sitting. This was terrible news for me so I sought out another way to relieve back pain. I searched for lower back pain relief online and I found RelaxoBak. I found their website online and I decided to give their Supportive Orthopedic comfort cushion a try.

This product made me immediately feel better while sitting. I feel like I sit up straighter and I no longer feel lower back pain while sitting., it feels much better to sit and I don’t have to take as many breaks while gaming or during work.

I would recommend RelaxoBak products to any office worker, gamer, or really anyone that may experience back pain when sitting down. When using the supportive orthopedic comfort cushion, I was able to take less breaks and I had more focus because I was no longer in pain. My work has improved and my gaming too!

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