Sacroiliac Pain Case Study – Dr. Todd McDougle

Doctor Todd McDougle

Are you a weekend warrior or an all-around athlete?

In today’s society sitting has become the norm for both work and most recreation activities. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an all around athlete or none of the above chances are you suffer from neck and back pain. While sitting all day at work then racing off to a work out or run the body will go into shock. Over time wear and tear will catch up with the body. It’s important to heal the body while not being active with a support system for the pelvis.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Todd McDougle of McDougle Chiropratic Methods about different conditions that he treats. Dr. McDougle has worked with all categories of patient through his career including, adults, children and geriatrics. As an athlete he has traveled to treat athletes of America. Strength-sports, one of his top category of treatment. Instead of jumping into surgery Dr. McDougle has a few other options outlined in this Q&A.

What types of conditions do you treat?

I treat conditions affected by lower back pain and sacroiliac pain. For a better idea of conditions, treatment and patients I work with visit my Facebook fan page.

How many people are affected by sacroiliac pain and low back pain annually?

Sacroiliac pain is reported to affect between 15% and 38% of the general population, with women being 3 or 4 times more likely to be affected than men. In spite of these statistics, many patients with sacroiliac pain go years without a correct diagnosis. The sacroiliac joints are often overlooked as a causative role in lower back pain. Compared to 291 other health conditions, the researchers found that lower back pain causes more global disability than any other health problem studied via this article in HealthDay. Back pain affected 9.4 percent of people in 2010, their analysis showed.

What condition were you trying to treat using RelaxoBack?

I like to consider the use of the RelaxoBak a total spine tool. Appropriate posture is something that is quickly disappearing due to the sedentary lifestyles most Americans have today. Postural deformities will be the next major cause of numerous dysfunctions affecting the health of millions in a myriad of ways and will permanently damage the children today when they are adults in the future. My Focus has always been to use the RelaxoBak as a pelvic stabilizer to reduce stress of the S-I Joint and the lower spine. A solid foundation leads to a neutral position of your entire spine and head.

What are the options for treatment?

There are a few options for treatment such as surgery, pharmacology, psychology, and manual therapy. Of course, Chiropractic is one of the more successful methods.

What product or products have you purchased from RelaxoBak?

Primarily the original seat but have also used pretty much all of their product line at one time or another.

Why RelaxoBak VS another company in the industry?

The trustworthiness of this company is the best. I have never been disappointed nor have I ever returned an item. Their product line is just that good!

How did this product help?

For me, the stabilization of the pelvis and low back are instrumental in a productive and positive outcome for my patients. The RelaxoBak allows for an opportunity to create somewhat of a “cast” of stability for the pelvic foundation to do exactly what is needed in between my Chiropractic treatment methods!

Whether you’re a spectator or an athlete there’s a product for you! RelaxoBak has a variety of products available to support your back.

Please note: Relaxobak does not treat, mitigate or diagnose any form of disease or back injury. Anything in this article is not to be construed as medical advice. You must receive diagnosis and treatment from a medical professional. However, the article is meant to compliment what your doctor has advised.

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