Tailbone Pain Relief

Tailbone or Coccyx injuries can often lead to pain that is very hard to ignore as many workers now have to sit on the job. Tailbone pain (Coccydynia) is fairly rare and is a pain localized to the tailbone area which gets worse with sitting or any activity causing pressure at the end of the spine. Coccyx pain is more common in women than men as women are more likely to bear at least some of their weight on the coccyx while sitting.

Tailbone injury symptoms

Symptoms of tailbone pain may include the following:

  • Pain that is worse with full bowels and feels better after a bowel movement.
  • Pain that is worse when sitting.
  • Local pain in the tailbone area that is worse with pressure or when touched.
  • Pain that gets worse when moving from a sitting to a standing position.

Conditions or events leading tailbone pain

The underlying cause of almost all tailbone pain is inflammation. The coccyx may be stretched beyond its normal range which can cause inflammation in the ligaments in and around the coccyx leading to pain.

Some other underlying causes of tailbone pain include:

  • Cracked tailbone
  • Broken tailbone
  • Bruised tailbone
  • Overextension of tailbone due to childbirth

Depending on the underlying cause of your coccyx pain, you may need to do anything as simple as removing pressure from your coccyx by altering some things in your daily routine to the most severe problems which can result in the need to remove the coccyx. The overwhelming majority of suffers however only need to reduce the pressure on their coccyx to allow it to heal on its own.

How RelaxoBak products can help

RelaxoBak cushions are specially designed to remove the pressure on your coccyx while sitting. RelaxoBak cushions align your back in a more natural way while sitting and allow you to bear the majority of your weight on your hips allowing your coccyx to float without any contact with the cushion or your seat. Relieving this pressure and contact between your coccyx and your seat results in an immediate reduction in pain and can allow the coccyx to properly heal and you to focus on the task at hand.