Have questions about RelaxoBak products? Find answers to some our frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

I have seen your products featured on television. Can I buy them in stores?

No. Since 1963 we have made our products available in Medical Clinics, Hospitals and Pharmacies. Now, we have made them available direct to you via the internet or by calling 1-866-369-6914.

I have tried other products that look like yours but don’t work as well as yours do. Why?

Many profiteers have tried to copy the “look” of our products in an attempt to fool folks into believing they will perform like RelaxoBak products do but they can’t copy the patented construction and proprietary materials that offer both unequaled support and comfort.

I am a large person. Do your products come in different sizes? Will they work for me?

Our patented RelaxoBak products take pressure off the tailbone while providing a stable base for the sitting bones in your pelvis. There is no need for different sizes as the area of the body being affected is similar in proportion despite the outward size of the user. RelaxoBak products are clinically proven to perform for people of all sizes and weights up to 300 pounds.

What conditions can RelaxoBak products help relieve?

RelaxoBak products can not cure a medical condition. What they will do is provide relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of a variety of problems such as Low Back and Neck Pain, Sciatica, Post-Surgical Hip and Back Pain, Arthritis,Scoliosis, Spondylolsis, Facet Syndrom, Fibromyalgia, and Hemorrhoids.

How do I decide which of your products is right for me?

All of our products provide relief from sitting discomfort by allowing your tailbone to float while providing a firm base for the sitting bones. Select the Original Orthopedic Comfort Seat if you will only be using it on a plush surface. Select a cushion product if you will be using it on either a hard or a plush surface. Select the Bleacher Cushion for bleacher-style seating only.

How soon will I notice a difference once I begin using my RelaxoBak?

Most notice a difference immediately. We refer to it as the “WOW” factor. Others take a few days but the majority of our customers experience at least noticeable relief within one week.