How It Works

Lower back pain and related sitting discomfort can make your life miserable.

RelaxoBak Products help to relieve the symptoms of sitting discomfort and low back pain by addressing a major source of the problem. The patented RelaxoBak discovery relieves pressure and pain from the back and hips by eliminating pressure on the base of the spine (tailbone).

By also providing a firm base of positioning for the bones in the lower pelvis, RelaxoBak Seating Products allow the tailbone to “float,” producing a chain reaction of relaxation of the low back muscles on up the spine.

Relaxobak Cushion - Covered and in Use

Watch the video to see how the RelaxoBak Cushions work.

The results can be dramatic.

Pain and pressure are relieved and sitting for longer periods becomes a pleasure again!

Now you can free yourself from back discomfort and pain just like millions of past RelaxoBak customers.

Relieve your tailbone and coccyx discomfort with a RelaxoBak Comfort Cushion or Seat today!