Read what our customers and professional healthcare providers have to say about RelaxoBak Orthopedic Comfort Cushions and Seating products. The testimonials of happy backs tell it better than we could!

Customer Praise Testimonials

I wouldn’t be without mine!

In my job as a tour bus driver, all I have to do is sit on my RelaxoBak and I make sale after sale. Everyone loves them and I wouldn’t be without mine!

B. Throgmorton

What a relief!

I have a degenerative bone disease of the spine. I had a lot of radiating pain into my legs while driving. Then I ordered your RelaxoBak Orthopedic cushion and have used it ever since. What a relief! Your cushion has really saved me from a lot of pain in the last 10 years.

M. Schuma

Best product on the market!

I have degenerative back disease, fibromyalgia and bursitis in both hips. I have used The Original RelaxoBak Orthopedic Seat in my chair at the office and in the car. You try anything when you’re in pain and this is the best product on the market!

T. James

The ability to sit without pain is priceless

After suffering from a herniated disc for over four years, I decided to order the RelaxoBak Dual Density Cushion. What a godsend! I’ve had physical therapy and pain medications with no relief. After receiving my cushion, I saw almost immediate results. The ability to sit without pain is priceless. I recommend it to everyone!

B. Robertson

I am delighted… and wouldn’t be without it!

As an individual with artificial hips and arthritis of the spine, I have been using this cushion in my personal vehicle and at home since October of 2002. I am delighted with this product and wouldn’t be without it!

B. McBride

Thank you for improving my quality of life

I was given your RelaxoBak Bleacher Cushion to use until I could get one of my own. I have wasted money on others sold by various companies and pharmacies but none of them work as well as your RelaxoBak. Not even close! Thank you for improving my quality of life and that’s not a joke!

J. Corless

Truly, this cushion has changed my life

I can now sit at length at any event without low back pain. Truly, this cushion has changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from low back pain.

B. Schlichte

Excellent product!

Excellent product! My wife was able to drive much farther in the car without finishing with an aching back. It worked perfectly in the bucket seat of my Mazda MX5.

Scott F.

Worth a million!

I have tailbone pain as a result of a fall when I was a child. I recently ordered one of your RelaxoBak seats. I have tried a lot of “gimmicks” over the years and nothing worked until I used your product! I can drive without pain. I even take it into the office and sit on it all day. I have spent a fortune on products that didn’t work but the small amount I spent on the RelaxoBak is worth a million!

M. Purciful

Professional / Medical Testimonials

They really do sell themselves

I’ve been a Massage Therapist for 10 years. Many of my clients benefit from RelaxoBak seats. I have them displayed in my office and they really do sell themselves! Thanks for a great product!

V. Montgomery

Wish I had known about them sooner

Enclosed are the names and addresses of some of my Colleagues whom I am sure have patients who will benefit greatly from one of your car seats.

I refuse to have this letter sound like some sort of patent medicine testimonial, but if anyone has any doubts that the Relaxo-Bak works, then they should give me a call. We have started including one of these units, free, with some of our spinal orthotic systems, to the great satisfaction of our patients. I just wish I had known about them sooner.

A most valuable service to victims of low back trouble

You, as the developer and marketer of the Relaxo-Bak sitting support, are in a position to render a most valuable service to victims of low back trouble and to Insurance Carriers.

In 1967 our clinic began using the Relaxo-Bak on our low back cases. It proved to be a valuable addition to our regular methods of treatment.

Patients who used the Relaxo-Bak were able to get back on their jobs in a much shorter time. After making these convincing tests, we began insisting that all low back patients use the Relaxo-Bak during the treatment period. Nearly all of them continued to use it as a preventive measure after going back to work.

I don’t believe that ours was an isolated discovery. I do believe that by using the support as a part of the regular therapy, much time and money can be saved.

All Insurance Carriers and Doctors should know of the merit of your product and I urge you to make an all-out effort to get the story of our experience to their attention.

If I can be of assistance in getting this vital information to others, please feel free to contact me.

I can without a doubt endorse the RelaxoBak

Your RelaxoBak Orthopedic Comfort Cushion has made an incredible difference in my patients. The idea is so basic and yet so effective for the support necessary in the relief of lower back and even neck discomfort. Patients of all ages and body types have benefited by the use of this revolutionary product. I can without a doubt endorse the RelaxoBak without hesitation.

Dr. T. McDougle

A product that fills a long-awaited need

We have had excellent results with your RelaxoBak Orthopedic Comfort Seat and naturally are most pleased to have them available for our patients. It is a product that really works. May I take this opportunity to thank you for making a product that fills a long-awaited need.

Dr. M. Flack, D.C.

An inexpensive life insurance policy

As a holistic physician, I am attuned to the importance of the structural component of the total health concept!

Through Behavioral Kinesiology, I have been learning of the integration of the acupuncture energy system with the total being. When the balance of the energies from the cerebral hemispheres, right and left brain, is off, a condition known as “switching” exists. It is characterized by impaired or troubled intelligence, concentration, memory, balance, coordination, receptivity, and energy. There are internal and external causes of switching. The former are mainly from nutritional disturbances in biochemistry; the latter most often result from modifications in the physical environment, e.g. rock music; metal crossing the midline of the body—like metal framed glasses, dental bib chains, braces; crossing the legs; TV; fluorescent lights; and soft seats such as in cars and airplanes.

The soft seat switching problem can be solved by using a firm surface. Personally, I started off with a wooden cutting board. Next, to plastic—much softer, and then, the ultimate, the firm yet soft-feeling RELAXO-BAK!!!

In the car the Relaxo-Bak is an inexpensive life insurance policy as a preventive of the above signs of switching, especially concentration, coordination, and energy. In both the car and the plane the fatigue of a long journey or jet lag is minimized.

One of my patients with an acute episode of a chronic low back problems found rapid and dramatic relief with Relaxo-Bak. He’s a postal carrier and uses his Relaxo-Bak in his mail vehicle and car. Others have had similar results.

I recommend Relaxo-Bak to about all my patients as part of a holistic approach to health. Thanks to Fred Newton for his creative contribution to mankind.

A valuable adjunct to chiropractic therapy

We are pleased to inform you that at last we have completed our clinical tests of your Relaxo-Bak Seat. During a period of four months we have used the support on over three hundred individuals, selected with respect to age, size, weight, occupation, past history and complaints. Half of those examined were non-clinical patients. Control groups were established for all chiropractic patients so examined.

The categories of those so included were of all types and listed office workers, taxi and truck drivers, salesmen who traveled extensively and housewives. Everyone seemed most anxious to cooperate and to freely compare their respective reactions. The full and part time use of the support was respectively compared. Now as a result of these tests, we are prepared to list the following findings:

  1. The weight, size and age of the individual did not impair the function of the support.
  2. The acuteness and chronicity of the individual case did vary somewhat with the latter evidencing less response.
  3. The relief from postural strain and related muscular tension was evident in each and every case.
  4. A release from daily terminal fatigue and more sound and restful sleep was voiced by main of its users.
  5. Comparative X-Rays of patients disclosed a general decrease in accentuated lordotic and kyphotic curvatures.
  6. While this seat does not correct vertebral subluxation, it does without question stabilize the vertebra once corrected, and definitely helps to maintain the segmental integrity of the spinal column.

We firmly believe that with proper application and continued use, the Relaxo-Bak meets all of your claims and is indeed a valuable adjunct to chiropractic therapy in the treatment of spinal misalignments and all that these entail.

People of all ages and body conditions have benefited

I feel it is my responsibility to share with you a product that had helped me make an incredible difference in my patients. This product is called the Relaxo-Bak. The idea is so basic and yet so effective for the support necessary to aid in the relief of lower back and even neck discomfort. I personally use this product as it had impacted me personally following an auto accident. By reducing the stress on the sacrum (tailbone) and allowing for free motion in the sacroiliac joint (S-1 joint), this product places the pressure on the area in which is made for sitting, the ischial tuberosities!

Patients have not only used the product with success, they ask if it would help their loved ones. People of all ages and body conditions have benefited by the use of this revolutionary product. I even have my cerebral palsy patients use this device.

With the alterations in biomechanics and positive patient reports, I can without a doubt, endorse the Relaxo-Bak without hesitation. I hope your experience is as life changing as mine has been.